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Does the material of the bags and accessories stink of tyres?
We have worked a great deal on this problem and we are still in the research and experimentation stage. Today, we can say that our products do not stink but they smell of rubber as this is inherent to the material. We have added odour reducers and Sicilian orange essential oil to the mix. The odour disappears completely after being used for a short period of time.
Does it deform in the sunlight or at high temperatures?
No, the rubber we have created is resistant and non-deformable.
Does it get hot in summer?
As is well-known, anything that is black absorbs heat in the sunlight; our bags heat up more or less like black leather.
Does sunlight and light in general ruin the rubber?
We have carried out many ageing tests both for ozone and light and our material, thanks to its special composition, optimally resists these climatic conditions. Moreover, we have applied a special silicone-based protection that nourishes and protects the rubber.
Does it discolour over time?
No, the colour does not change over time.
Is it waterproof?
No, it is not waterproof, it is water-resistant. This means that the bag cannot be steeped in water (waterproof) but that, in any case, it protects the content against rain and moisture (water-resistant).
Does it require maintenance?
No, no specific maintenance is necessary.
Can I wash and polish it?
Certainly, you can wash it with water and a mild soap or even machine wash it. For polishing, we recommend that you use only the product that we can send you because some chemical products could jeopardise the quality of our products and invalidate the warranty.