Cummis Recycled rubber Italy

Imagine a tyre. Strong, elastic, reliable and able to withstand tens of thousands of kilometres.

From the “pre-consumer” production waste of that same tyre we have created the CUMMIS®. An ecological rubber sheet which represents a valid alternative (100% Animal free) to leather and hide derived from animal slaughter in all those sectors increasingly oriented towards green solutions.

CUMMIS® is our contribution to the consolidation of a circular economy based on the protection of the planet and the quality of products.


Rubber recycled

from the tyre industry


Rubber not added with dyes

(PAH free)

Cummis Eco-friendly Italy

The CUMMIS® compound has passed all REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemicals) compliance tests which guarantee its complete safety.

Cummis Eco-friendly Vegan

® does not use any animal derived materials and is ranked VVV+, the highest level of ethical rating Animal Free Fashion designed by LAV.